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Ultra Luxury Travel Advisor


Renep - René Pérez is a New Yorker born in Quito with a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management Tourism from New York City of Technology. René worked as a junior Travel Agent and apprentice for prominent ultra luxury travel agent Richard Nigosian - president of Bond Street Travel for ten years. Currently René continues to serve wealthy travelers with their world-wide leisure and corporate needs. 

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Renep services include:


  • Trip Planning - Leisure/Corporate

  • Flights - Domestic and International 

  • Bespoke Tours

  • Private Jets

  • Hotels with added amenities and best rates as we are members of various powerful consortia

  • Tickets to Space

  • Travel Insurance Protection/Claims

  •  24/7 Support when you travel

  •  Axus Travel App

  • Airport VIP Arrival and Departure Greeters 

  •  Global Reach and Connections

  •  Concierge work; dinning, tours and activities  

  • Travel Insurance Claims 

Transparent Rate Structure:

  • $250 to plan a trip for new clients only 

  • $60 to issue/change airline tickets per person - includes Axus App with alerts for schedule changes/cancelations and 24/7 human support 

  • Complimentary hotels booking with a $40 cancelation fee 

  • Complimentary Travel Insurance Quotes 

  • Complimentary post travel questions regarding billing, issues  

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