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Ultra Luxury Travel Advisor


We know that you want to be helped with high quality travel arrangements. You are either a wealthy individual who does not work for a living or a business person who travels for leisure and require help with your company's travels. You want to have someone on your side 24/7 in addition to your personal assistant when you are on the road to make changes to your flights, order catering for your private jet, reserving your favorite hotel suite or printing your concert ticket.  

We have been providing all of the above detailed services for decades and we cordially invite you to start using our travel agency services today. The process is very simple:

1- Send us a detailed request 

2- We will send you options

3- We confirm and send your itinerary 


Contact by email:

Text/Call/WhatsApp: 347-681-4179

Our compromise when your are traveling is to give you 24/7 human support


Our services include:


  • Trip Planning - Leisure/Corporate

  • Flights - Domestic and International 

  • Bespoke Tours

  • Private Jets

  • Hotels with added amenities and best rates as we are members of various powerful consortia

  • Tickets to Space

  • Travel Insurance Protection/Claims

  •  24/7 Support when you travel

  •  Axus Travel App

  • Airport VIP Arrival and Departure Greeters 

  •  Global Reach and Connections

  •  Concierge work; dinning, tours and activities  

  • Travel Insurance Claims 

Transparent Rate Structure:

  • $250 to plan a trip for new clients only 

  • $60 to issue/change airline tickets per person - includes Axus App with alerts for schedule changes/cancelations and 24/7 human support 

  • Complimentary to book hotels with a $40 cancelation fee 

  • Complimentary Travel Insurance Quotes 

  • Complimentary After travel questions regarding billing, issues  

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